for effective

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for effective

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Wynntryst is specialized in energy solutions, project management, and performance improvement. The Founder and Principal of Wynntryst is Wynn Betil.


In energy solutions Wynntryst acts as principal advisor in bioenergy projects.


In project management Wynntryst acts as principal advisor in project management, using its own approach as the higher level project management system.


In performance improvement Wynntryst uses Wynntryst reflections in its approach.




Wynntryst uses Wynntryst reflections in its activities. Click here for the basics of reflections.



Wynntryst reflections are inspirational opinions based on Wynntryst experience and conception.


They improve perception, thought process, and behavior using collaboration through effective conversation.


Essays, Works, and Stories are authentic opinions and building blocks of Wynntryst reflections.


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In energy solutions Wynntryst advocates the partial oxidation technology in bioenergy projects. more


Wynntryst implements energy projects by partnering with business associates who are leaders in their respective fields.










Projects are managed in controlled environments.

A structured approach is used within a clearly defined framework.

The methodology focuses on the definition and delivery of products and their quality

requirements. The methodology is output oriented (not activity nor task oriented).


The principles regularly used are:

Continued Business Justification

Learn from Experience

Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Manage by Stages

Manage by Exception

Focus on Products

Tailored to Suit the Project Environment.




Wynntryst performance improvement approach is related to motivation, human behavior, learning, performance support, and knowledge engineering fields to improve performance at the individual, organizational, and process levels.


Performance improvement is implemented through three interrelated yet distinct topics:

- Effective Learning through Quantum Thinking

            Effective Learning uses maximum energy - quanta, in the     brain. It improves the learner's cognitive process, perceptions, and behavior. more


- Possibility Management through Reinventing Yourself

            Possibility Management is managing pressure and stress through reinventing yourself and putting possibility into action. more


- The Art of Storytelling through Being Authentic       

            Stories do not tell us what to do, they influence the way we think, the way we feel, and find their place in our minds to be remembered. more


To become a successful performer,you need to reinvent yourself, be authentic, and then compete only with yourself to be the best you can.





On mental energy - effect of carpets. more


On mental energy - effect of gemstones. more


On mental energy - effect of arts. more








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